Videos are my Passion!

There may be many reasons why you got into your line of work; money, family business, fell into it, and passion. But what makes you stay?

Adult, Annoyed, Blur, Burnout, Concentration

What gets you up in the morning and keeps you going day after day? When I first meet with my clients this is one of the first questions I ask.

Creating videos is my passion. I love the creativity and the excitement on my clients faces when I turn their apprehension and nervousness into a coherent work of art. I know I could charge more and buy a better car or a nicer place to live, but for me, it’s not about the money.

I charge for my services because I have to maintain my equipment and pay the monthly subscription fee that Adobe charges to use their editing program. I also attend social media workshops to stay current on all the changes to the rules and algorithms. I am definitely not making it rich doing what I am doing but I love it and that’s whats important.

I try to keep my prices low and offer discounts for multiple videos because I want to help my clients grow their business. I see myself as more than just a videographer because I do more than just film and edit. I call myself a Social Media Navigator because I teach my clients what to post to boost their channel. I help them come up with a marketing strategy that follows the marketing funnel. And most importantly I teach them what videos they should be creating without me.

So, what keeps you going? Your Intro video should be based around that question. Tell your viewers what your motivating factors are, tell them how your initial reasons for becoming an accountant, therapist, car salesman, realtor, etc. has evolved into a passion. Tell them why you are good at your job and what you can offer them that others in your field don’t.

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