Video Marketing

Video marketing is the #1 way to capture the attention of your social media audience to promote your brand or business. With each platform having their own video guidelines that need to be followed, we at Corvid Productions can help you produce viable content for specific social media channels. Don't get left behind by underestimating the power of video.

Social Media Navigating

Keeping up with all the changes that social media platforms are implementing requires a subject matter expert. Our social media managers keep track of the algorithm changes and platform trends. They will help develop marketing campaigns that are related to your business and aligned with your marketing goals. Social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it tactic and that approach can do more harm than good.

Social Media Consulting

Not ready to hand over the reigns? We get it, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing you did it all on your own, but posting the wrong content and violating platform rules can kill your page and destroy the brand you are trying to create. Our professionals will work with you sharing tips to boost views and followers and post helpful content that your audience will find useful.

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Importance of Video

in a social media world

Digital videos posted on social media platforms are increasing daily. Companies utilizing video into their social media outreach can benefit by promoting their organizational brand and identity. Videos have the ability to shape public perception of a company and address any crises that may arise.

Videos have been used for a variety of reasons, including;

  • creating awareness of services
  • promoting vision and mission statements
  • solicit volunteers

Videos enable people to retain more information. Google’s search engine algorithm ranks websites higher when they contain video. Videos can be used to build an organization's brand and identity, and have the potential to reach more people than text media. The public is more likely to engage with content that is video based. Through the use of videos, companies provide an honest and trustworthy appearance and are able to shape how the public perceives them.


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