Music Videos

With a limited budget, the band 2 Dog Tuesday was able to create a music video to release along side their new CD. Filming spanned the course of two days and our dedicated staff ensured that the finished product was completed in the timeline requested by the band. After a brief consultation about the meaning behind the song, producers were able to create a video concept that the band agreed fit with their idea.

Public Service Announcements

When Jeffco Open Space was looking for a creative way to promote their share the trail message, our producer was instrumental in creating a parody based off a popular movie. By using open space employees as actors and shooting on open space land the production budget was kept to a minimum. To date, this popular video has garnered over 27,000 views on Jeffco Open Space’s Facebook channel.

Corporate Videos

The utilization of videos in grant proposals generates the emotional link that funders seek. There are multiple studies indicating that videos are a more effective form of communication than text and with multimedia videos becoming more mainstream, the transition from text-based to video-based is quickly becoming the norm.

Video Advertising

Whether you are in a need of a short 15 - 30 second ad promoting your company on Social Media or television, our experts can help create something catchy that will garner the attention and feedback you desire.

YouTube Portfolio

CorvidPro creates a lot of social media videos for real estate agents and small business owners. To see what other entrepreneurs have created please check out our YouTube channel.

CorvidPro YouTube