Corrina Hernandez

Our Approach

Corrina Hernandez

Our Lead Video Production Specialist has extensive experience in video production. Video is her passion and she is constantly perfecting her skill. Clients have referred to her as a magic maker as she transforms ordinary footage into unbelievable works of art. She is highly trained to guide the client from concept, into production and all the way through post-production.

When she is not hard at work with CorvidPro clients, she volunteers her services with the Go Save a Life foundation creating videos to promote live kidney donation for those in need. This foundation was introduced to her by a close friend who was in need of a kidney but passed away from heart failure shortly after a donor kidney was found for him.

As a member of the Colorado Professional Videography Association, Corrina has access to a network of talented and experienced colleagues to help her stay updated on the latest technology, ideasĀ  and techniques. Her strong eye for detail and multi-tasking ability helps her lead her team to perfection.

Our Story

Techniques We Employ

When looking to tell a story or convey a message our team is multi-talented in numerous ways to achieve a finished product.

Green Screen

Whether it's a traditional green screen or a make-shift one, our talented editors can remove the background.


Drone Footage

Our licensed and certified commercial drone pilots are registered with the FAA and cleared for professional and commercial filming.


Slide Shows

Sometimes the best videos are portrayed with still photos. Our creative team will work their magic.

Next Steps...

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