Location, Location, Location


Are you taking advantage of your location? Today I want to talk about an advertisement I saw while in line to get my Starbucks one morning.

My 9-5 job has me travelling to different offices from the Springs to Westminster filming loan officers for their social media marketing. Before I head to one of the further away offices I like to stop at my local drive-thru Starbucks for my pick-me-up.

Opening next to the Starbucks is a Row House, and indoor rowing house. The drive-thru circles the whole four business retail building. While waiting in line to order, I noticed that I was by the new Row House exterior wall and it hits me that their marketer is brilliant.

They used this brick wall to advertise their business to all the people waiting in line to get coffee. But they didn't just throw up some random photos of people using their equipment or images of their facility, they used typography, a form of word art, to advertise their business to coffee drinkers.


I've got to be honest, I don't know how many times I saw those signs before I actually "saw" the signs. I do remember that the average person has to see or hear something seven times before they remember it and now in this jam-packed online jungle a person has to see something 30 times before they actually see it.

So, when they see your ad make sure it's going to grab their attention. Maybe that brick wall is prime location.

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